BBVA wanted to address general inefficiency of internal processes and lack of visibilityof thier kew indicators. They lacked a centralized platform where they could manage all client data and information about their interactions with BBVA products and channels. They were using email, Excel sheets in shared folders and phone calls to do the every day work of communicating with their clients. BBVA needed to be able to monitor response time, an focus on increasing and accurately measuring client satisfaction.


The solution was implemented by theDynamix team, that worked with BVVA to construct a thoroughly tested, globalplatform with local support.

2012- In order to centralize and managecustomer complaints, Dynamix created a centralized process platform assuringcustomer service quality.

2013 – Implemented a hierarchy of caseswith more than 2000 types of customer complaints according to capacity andquality enabling better decisions and timing.

2014- Dynamic panels where implemented tofollow every client touchpoint, gather statistics on management, capacity, andquality. Allowing for real-time decision-making.

2015- A 360 view of client informationwas consolidated in one platform where BVVA could manage lead and marketingcampaigns, guaranteeing adequate contact with clients and higher conversionrates.

2016- A core business process, credit admissions, was integrated with coreBank processes, generating a substantial improvement in the flow of informationbetween Commercial areas and Risk Management.

2017- A real cultural change in the bankwas achieved. Original detractors of digital transformation were seeing realresult and become promoters of the process. The bank was able to process 100%of their commercial leads, credit admissions, and claims on the platform.

2018- Finally, additional processes including new client onboarding, providersmanagement and debts recovery were incorporated in the platform.


Since 2012, Dynamix dedicated team of consultants worked in the customization and extension of Dynamics CRM On-Premises to model more than 15 key business processes for BBVA, as well as generate internal contests for the bank.

In the process they used native customization tools and tailored developments with .NET, JavaScript and Angular. Integrations were implemented with APIs, ETLs, Kingwaysoft and MQRabbit to adapt them to the ecosystem the applications the bank was already using. SSRS was used for the generation of reports.

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