As in many traditional sales teams,each individual sales rep had all the information about their leads andclients, meaning that management was always highly dependent their reps forvisibility. This was preventing the business from standardizing and creatingindependent CRM processes that could be easily adapted to new needs and easetransitions between reps leaving and entering the company. Furthermore,marketing and client loyalty campaigns were hard to run as they needed to beimplemented separately by each salesperson.


The Dynamix team began by centralizing the booking of cars in a customized CRM platform. This required all sales reps to register client information in the system, thus centralizing data significantly. With this advancement, the company gained a 360⁰ view of each client in their system. They were able to see exactly what clients have asked when visiting showrooms, the website, and by telephone or social media.

The second important step was integrating the CRM with the ERP and maintenance services so that every action regarding a specific client could be tracked from the first contact with the company to post-sales services.

By implementing standardized processes, Hyundai could detect and take advantage of lead and client potential. This allowed them to more easily implement campaigns such as:

SMS real time notifications

Customer Satisfaction polls

Massive email / sms marketing campaigns.

Finally, in order to improve decision making in the management team and enable continuous improvement in the company, the team helped generate reports showing sales funnels, commercial area goals and comparative results with other brands.

The result: Hyundai created a more efficient and effective sales department with standardized and more productive workflows that increased commissions for the team as well as profitability and business opportunities overall. It also empowered the management team of Hyundai with better information for smarter decision making.


TheDynamix team implemented a cloud-based solution using Dynamics 365 online,Outlook online, and Microsoft Flow for ERP, Mailchimp and SMS campaignintegrations. We also created additional custom functionality in Dynamics 365using tailored developments with .NET and JavaScript.

Forgenerating reports the team implemented PowerBI using the native integration withDynamics 365.

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